Too many citizen scientist processes are overly complicated and time-consuming, turning a unique way of contributing to scientific literature into a hassle.  That’s why we’ve designed our citizen science process to be the most accessible while still maintaining the scientific integrity of the samples collected.


Sign up with your email and let us know which beach you would like to sample.  We will send you a map of the beach split into 200-meter segments and the necessary sample containers.


At the beach, fill 5 sample containers along the wrack line of each 200-meter segment, ensuring to follow our guidelines on avoiding sample contamination.  Label the batch of samples with the date, time, and location of the collection.


Ship the samples back to us for analysis and watch your data appear on our website!


This process was devised from a comprehensive literature review conducted by Vijver et al. at the University of Leiden of the sampling and extraction methodology of 17 peer-reviewed beach microplastic studies.




*We are currently only accepting samples from the Vancouver Island area due to limited resources and increased shipping times during the COVID-19 pandemic

**Given the current pandemic, please collect beach microplastic samples at non-peak hours, respect social distancing guidelines, and wear the proper protective gear

Are you collecting samples with a group?

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